Monica’s group is a very healthy way for girls in this age group to receive age appropriate information in a setting where they can feel completely safe to ask questions they might otherwise seek answers for from less-informed sources. I felt complete trust that she would help my daughter with the next stage of information gathering about matters related to intimacy and her burgeoning young adulthood. My daughter reported that she felt comfortable with Monica and the other girls. She feels prepared regarding how she might make important decisions about the road, particularly in ways that balance desire and good judgment. I recommend Monica’s group very highly.

– M.R.A. Northampton

My decision, a few years ago, to start offering Sex Positive Groups for adolescent girls grew out of my school based psychotherapy practice and my research in the field of sex education for adolescents as I became Board certified through AASECT as a Sex Therapist.

The groups focus on providing teen girls with a safe and comfortable place to ask questions, explore, discuss and role play about any and all topics regarding sexuality and about how ones’ sexual energy plays out with self, with others and in the world.

The intent of the group is based on the belief that we are all sexual beings and that our personal sense of our own sexuality informs our thoughts, feelings and our sense of identity. Girls need to feel entitled to their own sexuality, to feel they deserve pleasure, and to ask for pleasure as long as the interaction is safe, mutual, responsible and respectful.

Our culture has historically labeled girls and women who like sex or who are “sexual” as “bad girls”. Our present attitude towards girls pays a lot of attention to fostering self-esteem, empowerment, self worth, etc… We can’t talk about power without talking about sexuality and how we all choose to express that part of who we are.

Studies are determining that girls who are given permission to fully explore their sexuality, to know what they want, how to ask for what they want, negotiating relationships so they will be mutual and responsible- fosters the practice of necessary communication in relationships and limits the ratio of girls who report getting “swept away” in sexual encounters, that have negative emotional or physical consequences.

Throughout the four sessions we cover:

  • Alternate ways to be sexual that have no physical consequences.
  • Awareness of STDS
  • Birth control
  • Appreciation of and knowing one’s body
  • Through role play, we explore strategies that can be used to cope with a variety of confusing and challenging situations.
  • The definition of sexuality is broadened to include interactions with others including kissing, touch, as well as other ways we engage socially and creatively in the world
  • Positive feelings about sexuality/use of this power with responsibility
  • Creating ultimately a sense of self respect and empowerment

The group’s goal is to empower girls to know what they want and feel positive about their sexuality so they can act responsibly and with integrity.

Let’s help girls make those choices. That reality then will become the new story of the good girl!

Registration Information

Let’s Talk About Sex: Sex Poitive Teen Girls Group Groups run once a week in 3 week cycles – Please call to get information for upcoming dates and to register
90 Conz Street, Suite 14
Northampton, Mass. 01060

Checks can be made out to:
Monica Levine LICSW
And mailed to
90 Conz Street
Suite #14
Northampton, MA 01060

Let?s Talk About Sex: Sex Poitive Teen Girls Group Discussion — Education Group for Girls — Ages 13-15

This group will provide girls with the opportunity to explore their feelings about  their bodies and their sense of their sexuality in the often complicated world of adolescence and relationships.

Particular emphasis will be focused on a young woman’s relationship with herself and feelings and questions about sexuality.

I am available by phone or email for questions/concerns, etc. regarding topics covered. A pre group meeting for parents can be arranged for further discussion regarding content covered through this 4-week group.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Anatomy
  • Body Image
  • Sexual Health
  • Relationships
  • Healthy Sexual Boundaries
  • Normalizations of sexual thoughts, feelings, and curiosity.

“Prejudices are most difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has never been loosened or fertilized by education; they grow there, firm as weeds among the stones.”

– Charlotte Bronte