Monica’s Sex Positive Group for Women changed my life. It made it possible for the self I had hidden for years to emerge. Through this group, I discovered that my sexual self is my positive self, the self that deserves to be heard and doesn’t hide. As a divorced mother of two, I had spent many years defining myself as a wife and mother and I felt not unlike a shell of a person. Monica’s group allowed me to fully become and express myself as a positive, sexual individual and allowed me to connect with others authentically and unabashedly. I would highly recommend this class to anyone.
– D.K. Belchertown

Monica is fearless, passionate and non-judgmental when it comes to talking about sex. She creates an atmosphere of joy and honesty, where women can gather and talk openly about sex. I found her group to be rejuvenating and tender at the same time . I think it’s important that women find places to speak openly about sexuality, for healing and for continuing to find joy in it all throughout life. Monica creates such a place.
– L.L. Amherst

This group brings together women with questions, challenges, concerns and desire to learn and openness to exploring how we can be more sensual, erotic and passionate in all our relationships. One’s sexual sensual sense of erotic self is defined not by others, but is an internal state – a self perception that we can carry into all areas of our lives including partnerships, children, work place, etc…

During the 4 weeks, we discuss how our histories inform how we behave sexually in the present. We will talk about bodies, anatomy and what helps our bodies work best and why. We’ll explore our own sexual palette (what we need to feel sensual and erotic).

Finally, we have the opportunity to go deeper into exploring what or who gets in our way of being fully passionate and sensual within ourselves and with others.

It is not necessary to be in a relationship to participate in the group and all sexual orientations are welcome. It is amazing how moving this energy in our lives can empower us, change our perspective and bring adventure.

Registration Information

Please call or email with questions, concerns and for more information.

Let’s Talk About Sex: Sex Positive Woman’s Group
Groups run once a week in 4 week cycles – Please call to get information for upcoming dates and to register.
90 Conz Street, Suite 14
Northampton, Mass. 01060

Checks can be made out to:
Monica Levine LICSW
And mailed to
90 Conz Street
Suite #14
Northampton, MA 01060


The sex positive group for women was one of the most fun and fulfilling things I have done in years. It was such a great group of women – all very, very different – but totally open to exploring and opening up to each other. It was so liberating. Monica did an amazing job of getting us all to explore our sexuality.
— V.M. Northampton

What a wonderful way for women to share a fun and informative evening. Monica’s Sex Positive group is a safe and comfortable environment for us to remember and celebrate our passion.” Like Sex and the City, The View and How to Look Good Naked all in one! Call your best girlfriends and sign up for “Sex Positive”. You will laugh, learn and feel passionate about yourself and those in your life. The four week group enriched my life in ways I am still smiling about – even months later.
— D.Z. Springfield

Attending the Sex Positive Group brought me to an understanding that my sexuality is about a lot more than sex. It is about the energy and passion I bring to all aspects of my life. It was a group experience where precious close friendships were formed. The most important bonus, is that it has helped me to communicate with my teen daughter in a way that is opened, honest and aware of the realities of her life and times, totally different than what I grew up with.
— I.F. Amherst